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How to Get Youthful Looking Skin with a Chemical Peel with Angela, The Beauty Geek


If you’re thinking that she is twenty something years old then you’re right . . . if you add twenty something years to that number. No really, it’s true!  Angela, The Beauty Geek, has included light chemical peels in her skincare routine to maintain her blemish free and extremely youthful looking skin.

Angela’s video will demonstrate how to apply a light chemical peel. She’ll cover what to do and not to do when applying chemical peels, too.



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Chemical Peel Benefits for Skin Care


Many people use chemical peels because it provides the skin with a more radiant and youthful appearance. A chemical peel will decrease or remove the following:

⦁ Acne or acne scars
⦁ Age and liver spots
⦁ Fine lines and wrinkles
⦁ Freckles
⦁ Irregular skin pigmentation
⦁ Rough skin and scaly patches
⦁ Scars
⦁ Sun-damaged skin

A chemical peel uses a solution to remove outer layers of the skin to improve the appearance of it. A light chemical peel will remove the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin. A medium chemical peel will remove skin cells from the epidermis and from the upper part of the dermis. A deep chemical peel will tackle the epidermis and the upper and mid portions of the dermis. Deep chemical peels are sometimes used to remove pre-cancerous growths.

The effects of a chemical peel are temporary and length of results vary with each individual. Chemical peels will not help with the following:

⦁ Treat deep facial lines
⦁ Tighten loose or sagging skin
⦁ Remove broken capillaries
⦁ Change pore size
⦁ Remove deep scars

Chemical peels can be viewed as a skincare option to be used in a skincare regime. Light chemical peels can be done at home. Mid to deep chemical peels can be done in a spa or doctor’s office. Chemical Peel, Part 2 will feature a tutorial and informational video from Angela, The Beauty Geek, using a light chemical peel at home. Angela has been using chemical peels for years and it has left her with very youthful looking skin.


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