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Recipe for a Variety of Cheese Substitutes


Great news! For those of us who like cheese but don’t necessarily want to or shouldn’t eat actual cheese there are options. Below is a list of of options for those looking to eat cheese of the non dairy variety. Some of the options contain nuts. The links provides the recipes. Bon app├ętit

Tofu: smoked tofu mimics mozzarella or provolone on sandwiches or with crackers

Soy Cheese: This cheese will vary based on the casein, the protein that is gives cow’s milk cheese its elasticity. Cheese that does not have casein usually struggles to replicate it

Chickpea Cheese Spread: created by a mom who has kids with food allergies

Tofu Ricotta: tofu and spices

Fondue: the recipes includes cashews

Cashew Chive Spread

Nut Cheese Log Rolled in Chives Spread

Vegan Unprocessed Cheese Slices

Vegan Cottage Cheese