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How to Protect Hair from Pool Chemicals


Who doesn’t want a good time in the pool without your hair being living proof of your fun? Read below for easy tips to protect your hair the chemicals of the pool.

Before swim

Rubbing oil through out the hair will help the hair to soak up a lesser amount of pool chemicals. Olive oil and coconut oils are good options. These oils will not immediately wash out of the hair upon water contact. If using an outdoor pool keep the hair covered because the sun will cook the hair, so to speak.

Wetting the hair before a swim works to do the same thing. Both options are taking up space in the hair strand so there is less room for the chemicals to absorb into the hair.

After applying a product to your hair put on a swimmer’s cap for an additional barrier between the hair and the pool chemicals.

After swim

Immediately rinse your hair with plain water for a pre-rinse before applying the cleansing product.

Apple cider vinegar will work to remove chloride from the hair, unclog hair follicles, remove dead skin cells from the scalp, and remove build up from other products. Rinse vinegar from the hair.

Purchase shampoo that is made to get rid of pool chemicals. Look for a shampoo that mentions removing copper deposits since this will remove the green tint left in the hair.

Deep condition the hair after the swim and use a leave in conditioner, as well.

Applying a mixture of aspirin and water will help to get rid of the green in the hair.

Additional tip:

If outside, don’t forget to use sunscreen for the hair and scalp. That’s right, the sun can impact your hair, too.