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Getting Rid of Dry Scaly Feet


There are many ways to care for dry scaly feet. The basics include soaking the feet in a solution that contains water, exfoliate after the soak, and moisturize. Below are ingredients than can be used to help soften dry scaly feet.

Lemon juice


Epsom Salt

Parafin wax

Exfoliating ingredient such as baking soda or brown sugar (if desired)

Pumice stone

Moisturizer (which can be an oil or Vaseline)


1. Soak the feet in warm water that includes lemon juice, vinegar, and/or epsom salt for at least ten minutes.

2. Next, rub the feet with a pumice stone. If you have an exfoliating ingredient apply to the feet before scrubbing with the pumice stone.

3. Rinse and dry the feet.

4. Apply your moisturizer followed by wearing a pair of socks for at least thirty minutes so the moisturizer doesn’t immediately rub off the feet when walking around. You want the feet to absorb the moisturizer. Some people pamper their feet at night and just sleep overnight in socks.

There are some people that apply parafin wax to their feet after moisturizing and insist it works well. You’ll never know unless you try.

The frequency to pamper feet will vary with each individual.  Initially, taking care of the feet once a week is a good starting point to lessen the appearance of scaly feet. Also, don’t rub your feet hard to avoid discomfort and breaking the skin although you may need to apply slight pressure when scrubbing the heel.