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Is Crayon Makeup Safe?


Some people argue that crayon lipstick is safe if using crayola because it’s lead free. The argument often includes the fact that kids use crayons without any negative side effects. Yet, others think the opposite. The information below has been taken directly from Crayola’s website and is posted verbatim.

“As the manufacturer of children’s products, safety is our top priority at Crayola.


Although our products are nontoxic, we do not recommend using them to make eyeliner, lipstick or other makeup, and strongly discourage their use in this manner. The products were never intended to be used on the skin or face in this manner.

Makeup goes through specific and rigorous testing because it is intended to be used on the skin.  Because they were never meant to be used as makeup, our colored pencils or crayons have not been tested in the same way and should not be used as a cosmetic. They are not designed, tested or approved for this purpose.”

The link below will take you directly to Crayola’s website to read the original content.

Is it safe to use Crayola Crayons to make lipstick, eyeliner and other makeup?