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Herbs for Allergies & Sinuses Relief


Runny nose, watery eyes, mucous … sound familiar? The all too common symptoms of allergies and sinuses. You can find relief that is gentle on the body in herbs and spices. You can take the herbs listed below daily as prevention against the symptoms of allergies and sinuses.

It is best to consult with a medical personnel before using the herbs listed below. Taking herbs may not be suitable depending upon your health background and medication(s).

Herbs that will help with inflammation and/or has antihistamine properties:

Stinging Nettle- decreases inflammation

Plantain Leaves- natural antihistamine and decrease allergic reaction to pollen

Lemon Balm- natural antihistamine and decrease allergic reaction to pollen

Reishi Mushroom- anti inflammatory

Cinnamon- anti-inflammatory

Yarrow- anti-inflammatory

Breaks up mucous and/or drains sinuses:

Elderberry- breaks up mucus, prevents and treats virus infection

Cayenne- drains sinuses

Hyssop- expels mucous

Thyme- loosen mucous

Ginger- eases pain and clears the head

Yarrow- dries the sinuses

Horseradish- drains sinuses

Horehound- helps thin and move mucus in acute and chronic allergies

Goldenrod- helps thin and remove excess mucus

Help with sinus infections:

Tea Tree Oil- treats and prevents sinus infections caused by reactions to molds and mildew

Cat’s Claw- fends off infections

Ginger- helps with pain of sinus infection

Helps with congestion:

Horehound- helps with chest congestion

Goldenrod- helps with congestion