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Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture


If your lacking energy, feeling common physical aches, need relief from severe pain, or to recover from an injury perhaps it’s time to try something different. Acupuncture isn’t meant to replace your medical treatment but accompany it.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that involves placing needles in specific areas of the body. There are more than 2,000 points on the body.

From a traditional TCM practitioner’s perspective how does it work?

TCM is about balancing the flow of energy or life force known as qi or chi (CHEE). Qi is believed to flow thru pathways (meridians) in the body. It produces energy between the organs and surface of the body. Qi stabilizes your overall health in a variety of ways: physical, mental, and emotional. It is impacted by the yin and yang.

Good health is obtained when yin and yang are in harmony with each other and working with qi to help restore and maintain good health. The needles are placed in certain points that will rebalance your energy if meridians are blocked or unbalanced. The acupuncturist points connect with twelve main and eight secondary meridians. Acupuncture will balance yin and yang and keep the flow of energy unblocked producing good health.

From a medical personnel’s perspective who practices western medicine how does it work?

TCM stimulate nerves, muscles, and connective tissues that boost natural painkillers and blood flow of the body. One theory is that stimulated nerve fibers carry signals to the spinal cord and brain, activating the body’s central nervous system. The spinal cord and brain then release hormones responsible for making the body feel less pain while improving overall health.

There are some people including medical professionals who do not believe that acupuncture or any form of TCM works. Ultimately, it is up to the person receiving the treatment to decide.

How deep does the needle go into the skin?

The needles are inserted no further than an inch into the skin. Needles are not always inserted an inch into the skin but less depending upon the patient’s ailment.

Are there standards for acupuncture needles?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does have regulations regarding the manufacturing and sanitation handling of acupuncture needles. The needles must be sterile and labeled for single use.

What are the pros of acupuncture?

The positive aspect of acupuncture is that an individual may use the treatment to help with a specific condition but will experience an improvement in their overall health. The World Health Organization has listed more than twenty conditions that acupuncture has proven to be an effective treatment.

What are the cons of acupuncture?

There are possible negative side effects of acupuncture such as contracting a bacterial infection at the point of the needle entry. There are reports of contracting viral herpes. It is possible for a lung to collapse if punctured. It would seem the cons of acupuncture really revolve around the acupuncturist.

What is that stick that acupuncturists waive over a person’s back?

This is known as moxibustion. Mugwort is rolled into a stick like a cigar, heated, and held over acupuncture points of the body. Sometimes the moxa is even applied to the needle with the thought that the heat will penetrate the acupuncture point more deeply.

There is more information available about acupuncture so research before booking an appointment. Like many things the opinion acupuncture varies. It’s just something you’ll have to experience for yourself to be certain of it effectiveness.



Earn Extra Money If You Lack Time for a Second Job


Bills stay on repeat and having a social life can put a dent in the account. So, you need money but working additional hours at your primary job isn’t an option. No worries, you have flexible options:

1. Tutor

Become a tutor with a local company or provide online tutoring. Online tutoring allows flexible options such as choosing the number of clients you tutor. Some online tutoring companies provide the option of choosing your schedule or choosing from a range of different schedules to work.

2. Donate Plasma

Help someone medically in need and earn cash simply by donating plasma which is taken from blood. Talecris Plasma Resources will pay $200 to new donors for the first three visits. Afterward donors are paid $20 per visit. You qualify by undergoing an examination that includes: providing a blood sample, taking a urine test, having your blood pressure taken, answering health related questions, etc. Talecris Plasma Resources will allow you to donate up to twice a week.

3. Be a Substitute Teacher

If you work a job that schedules your days off during the week opt to be a substitute teacher.  You can work for multiple schools to increase your earning potential. Of course, the requirements to be a substitute teacher will vary with each state and county.

4. Have an E Yard Sale

Earn money and provide yourself with additional living or storage space. Remember, yard sales don’t have to be physically in a yard anymore. E-yard sales allow the convenience to sale from anywhere with the click of a button. E bay and Amazon are common options for an on line yard sale.  Remember to look into the fees, including those that may exist per transaction if you do have an online yard sale.

5. Freelance Through Upwork

Upwork is a great option to earn money by freelancing your skills. The clients are searching for people to help with data entry, transcriptions, customer service oriented jobs over the phone, virtual assistant, transcription, a plethora of writing assignments, etc. Assignments can last from less than hour to over a year. The pay varies as well but is sometimes negotiable between the two parties.

According to the company’s website Upwork will “charge a freelancer service fee, taken as a percentage of your earnings on Upwork. It is a sliding fee based on your lifetime billings with each client (across all hourly and fixed-price contracts). . .”. An example of the sliding scale can be read on the website.

6. Provide Care Services

Offer to help senior citizens who may need assistance or be a helper for a few hours a day or throughout the week. Do you like cats or dogs? Great, agree to take care of pets while the owners are away. Maybe you love kids. Make this a financial opportunity by babysitting kids. There are online possibilities with a wide range of potential clients for care services with Care, Urbansitter, or Sittercity just to name a few.



Recipe for a Variety of Cheese Substitutes


Great news! For those of us who like cheese but don’t necessarily want to or shouldn’t eat actual cheese there are options. Below is a list of of options for those looking to eat cheese of the non dairy variety. Some of the options contain nuts. The links provides the recipes. Bon appétit

Tofu: smoked tofu mimics mozzarella or provolone on sandwiches or with crackers

Soy Cheese: This cheese will vary based on the casein, the protein that is gives cow’s milk cheese its elasticity. Cheese that does not have casein usually struggles to replicate it

Chickpea Cheese Spread: created by a mom who has kids with food allergies

Tofu Ricotta: tofu and spices

Fondue: the recipes includes cashews

Cashew Chive Spread

Nut Cheese Log Rolled in Chives Spread

Vegan Unprocessed Cheese Slices

Vegan Cottage Cheese


DIY: Organic Lipstick Recipe


multicolored lipsticks isolated on white

Items You Will Need:

Red reef clay or red kaolin clay

Shea butter

Vitamin E

Coconut oil



1. Melt the butter and oils together and then stir.

2. Then stir in your clay.

For a pink shade of lipstick you can try pink kaolin clay.

Ayurveda: Ingredients/Products


Kapha dosha: Detail oriented, thoughtful, resistant to change
Essential oils: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary

Pitta dosha: Likes challenges, tendency toward anger, shouldn’t skip meals
Essential oils: Ylang-ylang, Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood

Vata dosha: Creative, tendency to worry, energetic
Best essential oils: Patchouli, Basil, Lavender, Sage

Other Ingredients/Products Used:

Bhringraj Hair Oil: Effective in use for color-treated and sun damaged hair

Shikakai Powder:

-mild pH
-strengthen hair roots
-use as a natural hair wash for sensitive scalps or to control dandruff

Aritha powder:

-pulp of the fruit contains a high level of saponins that act as natural foaming agents

-used to wash delicate fabrics

-wash sensitive skin and hair



Ayurveda: Pitta Dosha

Ayurveda: Vata Dosha

Ayurveda:Kapha Dosha

Ayurveda: Vata Dosha


Vata controls movement in the body and activities of the nervous system. Vata impacts the other doshas.

Qualities of Vata: Cold, light, dry, irregular, rough, moving, quick, changeable

A Vata’s personality enjoys movement and change. When in balance the body will be thin and the mind will be creative and energetic.

Physical Characteristics: Vatas typically are thin, cold hands and feet, and dry skin. They are sensitive and light sleepers. Their energy and fatigue comes in bursts. When a Vata becomes imbalanced the body may undergo weakness, constipation, weight loss, arthritis, and digestive problems.

Emotional Characteristics: Vatas enjoy excitement and new experiences. They have a quick temper but forgive quickly, too. When Vatas are in balance, they are willing to compromise and conversing too. A Vata will experience insomnia and worry when not in balance. Vatas tend to blame themselves when feeling stressed.


Ayurveda: Kapha Dosha

Ayurveda: Pitta Dosha


Ayurveda: Ingredients/Products


Ayurveda: Pitta Dosha


The primary function of the Pitta Dosha is transforming, evolving, expanding, and confronting obstacles.




Pittas have a strong appetite and lots of energy. They tend to be independent, intelligent, direct, determined, and very focused. Ulcers, rashes, and heart burn may manifest when a Pitta Dosha is unbalanced.

Best essential oils: Ylang-ylang, Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood


Ayurveda: Vata Dosha

Ayurveda: Kapha Dosha


Ayurveda: Ingredients/Products


Ayurveda: Kapha Dosha


This dosha impacts the body structure  including cells, bones, and muscles.

Characteristics:     004

Kapha individuals are uncomfortable with change but are reliable, dedicated, and calm. When in balance a Kapha’s digestion system is healthy and an unbalanced dosha will result in a lack of sleep, weight gain, and problems with asthma and diabetes.

Best essential oils: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary


Ayruveda: Vata Dosha

Ayruveda: Pitta Dosha


Ayruveda: Products/Ingredients




bracelet, calendars, x tree, e harmony 083What is it?  Ayurveda means “knowledge of life span” and is believed to have originated from India. Ayurveda is about being emotionally happy to encourage good physical and mental health. Practicing Ayurveda means living life according to your dosha including the foods you eat, hair care, health care, and more.

The three doshas are Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. It is not uncommon for a person to have more than one dosha.


Ayurveda: Vata Dosha

Ayurveda: Pitta Dosha

Ayurveda: Kapha Dosha

Ayurveda: Ingredients/Products