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How to Plant a One Container Garden


Do you want fresh organic vegetables at a low cost whenever you desire?

Well, just grow your own garden. Growing a garden saves money and it allows you to eat a variety of produce that you can’t find easily at the store, such as a particular type of kale. A one container garden is for those who want a no fuss garden and those who lack space. The container can sit right outside your door or on your balcony.

The container that is used needs to be light in weight as possible. It will get heavier due to the soil and water. This is such a simple garden to start and maintain! So, what should you grow? Whatever, you want to eat. A variety of herbs, peppers, cucumbers, mini carrots, etc.

Below is a very basic and easy way to grow your own one container garden.


Items Needed:

One large container (that will allow water to drain)

Purchased plants that are already growing (herbs, peas, carrots, etc) and will be transferred to the container or vegetable seeds


Fertilized soil for vegetables

Drain tray



1. Pick a very large container and place that has lots of sunshine. Place the drain tray underneath the container. Place soil into the container. Keep the soil two to three inches below the top of the container.

2. Place purchased plants that have already start to grow or seeds in the soil. Leave about three to four inches in between each plant.

3. Sprinkle the fertilizer among the plants all around the container.

4. Just add water when the soil feels dry.


Things to think about:

  • Don’t over water. Yeah, too much water can be a thing for a variety of reasons for a garden.
  • Vegetables such as corn, radishes, beans, winter and summer squash, spinach, peas, beets, onions, and lettuce should be started as seeds rather than a purchased transferred crop. Plant more seeds than needed because not all will grow.
  • Organic soil is best. It’s healthier for the produce and some people claim the vegetables taste better when organic soil is used than non organic soil.
  • Learn which vegetables need less space. Some vegetables need a lot of space making them unsuitable for a container garden.












Egg Substitutes for Egg Allergies


If you’re allergic to eggs you still can enjoy many of the same meals like everyone. Below is a list of foods that can be used instead of eggs along with how the ingredients can be used to replace eggs.


Agar Powder: can be made to use devil eggs as a stand alone option

Apple Cider Vinegar: mixed with baking soda can be used an as leavening agent

Apple Sauce: provides moisture

Arrowroot: thickens and binds

Avacados: binding

Baking Soda: leavening

Banana: adds moisture

Bob’s Red Mill: “ingredients: potato starch, tapioca flour, baking soda, and psyllium husk fiber – no grains, soy, gluten, or beans”

Chia Seeds: acts as binding and leavening ingredient

Chickpea Flour: recreates texture of omelet

Cornstarch: thickens and binds

Ener-G-Egg-Replacer: egg substitute made with potato and tapioca starch

Flaxseeds: provides binding and leavening

Neat Egg: made from chia seeds and garbanzo beans

Nut Butter: binder for cookies, pancakes, and brownies

Pumpkin Puree: moisture

Pureed Fruit: moisture

Silken Tofu: moisture

Vegan Egg: bake or make scrambled eggs

Vegg Egg Yolk: egg yolk replacement

Xantham Gum: binder and adds texture



Recipe for a Variety of Cheese Substitutes


Great news! For those of us who like cheese but don’t necessarily want to or shouldn’t eat actual cheese there are options. Below is a list of of options for those looking to eat cheese of the non dairy variety. Some of the options contain nuts. The links provides the recipes. Bon appétit

Tofu: smoked tofu mimics mozzarella or provolone on sandwiches or with crackers

Soy Cheese: This cheese will vary based on the casein, the protein that is gives cow’s milk cheese its elasticity. Cheese that does not have casein usually struggles to replicate it

Chickpea Cheese Spread: created by a mom who has kids with food allergies

Tofu Ricotta: tofu and spices

Fondue: the recipes includes cashews

Cashew Chive Spread

Nut Cheese Log Rolled in Chives Spread

Vegan Unprocessed Cheese Slices

Vegan Cottage Cheese