Natural Insect Repellants


The list of oils that will work as a natural insect repellant.  A few things to note:

1. Depending upon the oil reapplication is needed every thirty minutes to two hours. You could mix the oils together and reapply every two hours or as necessary.

2. Essential oils should never be directly applied on the skin without diluting in another product such as lotion. Diluting these oils in a carrier oil such as a soybean oil will work just fine. If not, the skin will experience a burning or stinging sensation and maybe other painful and harmful reactions.

3. Soybean oil is a carrier oil. The remaining oils are essential oils and will need to be diluted. Essential oils should be measured in droplets or very small amounts.

4. Lemon eucalyptus oil is recommended not to use on kids less than three years old.

5. Mix and match.



Lemon Eucalyptus









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