What to Do if You Can’t Sleep


You close your eyes but they just pop open again and so you go over various to do lists in your mind to kill time and hope to fall asleep. Of course, you don’t fall asleep. The next day you’re tired and maybe after consecutive days of sleepless nights you start to make mistakes at work or throughout the day.  There are prescription pills for insomnia but also natural options that you can try, too.

Below is a list of herbs that can be steeped in hot water to create a tea to induce sleepiness. Some of the herbs you can already purchase as a tea such as Chamomile Tea. It is best to consult with a medical personnel before using any herbs/plants and supplements listed below. Taking these items may not be suitable depending upon your health background and medication(s).

Kava Kava: Aids with restlessness and sleeplessness

Hops: Mild sedative for anxiety and insomnia

Chamomile Tea: Calms the body

Valerian: Helps with anxiety and insomnia.


Over The Counter Supplement

Melatonin: It’s produced in the pineal gland of your brain.  It regulates the daily patterns of your sleep wake cycle.  It is reported that melatonin decreases the time it takes to fall asleep. Melatonin can be taken as pills as over the counter medication.


In addition, to drinking a sleep aid tea. Try adopting these ideas to your nighttime routine from the list below.

1. Don’t watch tv or use a computer before bed. It’s stimulates the mind rather than relaxing it.

2. Lay on your bed only for sleep. No lounging on the bed.

3. Don’t eat before sleeping. Your body uses energy to digest the food. You want the body relaxed as much as possible rather using energy to digest food.

4. Of course, no caffeine or stimulants before bed. Try not to take any caffeine or stimulants two to three hours before bed. It is possible that your prescribed and/or over the counter medication(s) taken at night might be a possible stimulant.

5. If you sleep during the day try wear a sleep mask or use black out curtains to avoid exposure to the light. The goal is to trick the mind that it’s time for bed.

6. Try meditation or yoga before bed or even during the day (if this is when you can fit it in your schedule) to induce relaxation that can help to combat stress. Stress felt by the mind and/or body can definitely keep you up at night.






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