Earn Extra Money If You Lack Time for a Second Job


Bills stay on repeat and having a social life can put a dent in the account. So, you need money but working additional hours at your primary job isn’t an option. No worries, you have flexible options:

1. Tutor

Become a tutor with a local company or provide online tutoring. Online tutoring allows flexible options such as choosing the number of clients you tutor. Some online tutoring companies provide the option of choosing your schedule or choosing from a range of different schedules to work.

2. Donate Plasma

Help someone medically in need and earn cash simply by donating plasma which is taken from blood. Talecris Plasma Resources will pay $200 to new donors for the first three visits. Afterward donors are paid $20 per visit. You qualify by undergoing an examination that includes: providing a blood sample, taking a urine test, having your blood pressure taken, answering health related questions, etc. Talecris Plasma Resources will allow you to donate up to twice a week.

3. Be a Substitute Teacher

If you work a job that schedules your days off during the week opt to be a substitute teacher.  You can work for multiple schools to increase your earning potential. Of course, the requirements to be a substitute teacher will vary with each state and county.

4. Have an E Yard Sale

Earn money and provide yourself with additional living or storage space. Remember, yard sales don’t have to be physically in a yard anymore. E-yard sales allow the convenience to sale from anywhere with the click of a button. E bay and Amazon are common options for an on line yard sale.  Remember to look into the fees, including those that may exist per transaction if you do have an online yard sale.

5. Freelance Through Upwork

Upwork is a great option to earn money by freelancing your skills. The clients are searching for people to help with data entry, transcriptions, customer service oriented jobs over the phone, virtual assistant, transcription, a plethora of writing assignments, etc. Assignments can last from less than hour to over a year. The pay varies as well but is sometimes negotiable between the two parties.

According to the company’s website Upwork will “charge a freelancer service fee, taken as a percentage of your earnings on Upwork. It is a sliding fee based on your lifetime billings with each client (across all hourly and fixed-price contracts). . .”. An example of the sliding scale can be read on the website.

6. Provide Care Services

Offer to help senior citizens who may need assistance or be a helper for a few hours a day or throughout the week. Do you like cats or dogs? Great, agree to take care of pets while the owners are away. Maybe you love kids. Make this a financial opportunity by babysitting kids. There are online possibilities with a wide range of potential clients for care services with Care, Urbansitter, or Sittercity just to name a few.




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