Bullying at the Workplace


It is a great idea to educate yourself about the company policy regarding bullying or “workplace aggression”. According to a 2014 survey conducted by Workplace Bullying Institute 20% of Americans have experienced workplace bullying while 21% have witnessed it. Learn the company’s procedures regarding bullying complaints and your options. After reading the information reach out to the a HR Representative. Explain your situation with dated documented examples.

Next, speak to your supervisor before filing an official complaint. Supervisors often take offense at being blindsided. Unaware supervisors think that they look incompetent and unprepared when contacted by the HR Department.

Give your supervisor an opportunity to resolve the issue. During the conversation with your supervisor incorporate what you’ve learned in a non aggressive way. You may even educate your boss. This may be a new situation for him/her.

If the supervisor is unable to resolve the issue then file a complaint with the HR Department. If this doesn’t work you may have to seek legal representation. You can also try a blind man’s bluff. Sometimes the mention of legal representation encourages management to settle the issue in a way that is fair to you.

If it is your supervisor who is the aggressor then speak to him or her after learning about the company’s policy and procedures if you’re comfortable.  Your company may provide a neutral third party representative who joins the discussions between your supervisor and you if you’re not comfortable being alone with your supervisor. Perhaps, the better or only option is to to speak directly to an HR Representative and file a complaint before speaking to your supervisor if your supervisor is the bully. It really depends on your situation and the company.

If none of the above steps work to stop the bullying you will have to weigh working for another company, applying and waiting for another position with the company, staying at the job, and your workplace goals versus quitting the job. Quitting is not admitting defeat if it provides piece of mind.


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