How to Make Lipstick from Crayons


Did you know that lipstick can be made from crayons? It’s true! There are videos on Youtube. Later, we’ll cover the safety of making lipstick from crayons.

You will need:

a pot

Applying Blue Lipstick For A Funky Look


coconut oil

a crayon

a container (to store the lipstick once made)

a separate container (to use when melting the crayon)


1. Heat water in pot/pan. There is no need to heat hot enough to boil.

2. Place the container in the pot/pan.

3. Place the crayon in the container and stir while it is melting to remove lumps.

4. Add coconut oil to the the melted crayon in the container to avoid the crayon becoming hard after it has melted.

5. Stir the the crayon and coconut oil in the container.

6. Pour lipstick in a storage container.

You can add more crayon to the mixture to make the color brighter or product less translucent. To make the lipstick smoother use additional coconut oil.  I’ve noticed people using 1/4 of a teaspoon of oil for 1/2 of a crayon. It is a matter of preference.


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