Get Rid of Dark Armpits: Part 1


Don’t you hate those dark underarms that make you reluctant to wear that cute top or raise your arms up too high?

A bacterial infection can create dark armpits. A doctor will be able to perform the appropriate test to see if a bacterial infection is the cause of the dark armpits. There are also fading creams that a dermatologist can prescribe. Fading creams are available online without the need for a prescription but the doctor will prescribe a cream that has been safely tested and has some level of success. Dark armpits may be a hereditary condition that indicates a high level of insulin or other hormone levels known as acanthosis nigricans.

Yet, the culprit could be trapped dead skin that needs to be exfoliated. However, the underarm may be sensitive to exfoliation. Underarm products containing glycolic or lactic acid will help with exfoliation. Using a mild exfoliant such as baking soda can help to lighten dark armpits, too.


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  1. Hey, wonderful article! I have often wondered what causes dark armpits. I agree that an exfoliate would help to remove some of the dead skin under your armpits. If you are using a loofa or scrubber along with the baking soda remember to be gentle when scrubbing. Also, I read a article which stated that dark armpits could be caused by the type of deodorant that you use. Most deodorant’s contain mercury which can discolor the skin. There are several natural deodorants out there such as Toms which can be found at Wal-mart or Whole foods. You have to find whatever works for you. Personally, I do use Toms but it does not hold up as long as I would like so I also dab some natural fragrance oil on top of the deodorant.

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