Get Rid of Stretch Marks


Many of us are know stretch marks up close and personal.  Many of us have used cocoa butter with no or some degree of success. Luckily, we do have other options that Beauty Brains has explained to us. The info below is taken directly from Beauty Brains.

 “Treatments actually come in two forms – you could reduce the appearance of stretch marks using topical treatments like Tretinoin (vitamin A), Trofolastin cream (with the active ingredient of centella asiatic) and particular acid skin peels. These work by stimulating the skin growth, . . . “

Trofolastin Cream:  The centella Asiatic is a “plant which grows around the Indian ocean. The  active ingredient is “”pentacyclic triterpenoids which have regulating and activating functions, acting on the collagen present in many organs.” “Asiatic acid, madecassic acid, and asiaticoside” are the main components of centella Asiatic and increases the production of collagen.

Tretinoin (Retin A):   It is a form of Vitamin A. Tretinoin treats acne and helps to reduce wrinkles. It increases skin cell turnover.


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