Oily Skin: Part Two


Below is a list of natural ingredients that can help with oily skin.



Apple extract

Baking soda

Comfrey extract

Grapeseed extract

Green tea extract

Papaya extract

Strawberry extract

FYI:  Some extracts may come in the form of both powder and liquid. Be aware that applying more than one exfoliant at a time may result in feeling an unpleasant sensation especially on the face.


Helps to Control Sebum

Orange blossom (neroli hydrosol)

Rose hydrosol



Calendula hydrosol

Chamomile hydrosol

Melissa hydrosol

Orange blossom (neroli hydrosol)


Sandalwood hydrosol



Basil hydrosol

Calendula hydrosol

Lemon hydrosol

Peppermint hydrosol

Sandalwood hydrosol

FYI: Orange blossom and neroli hydrosol are the same product.


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